Boat Harbor Beach, Grays, Long Island, Bahamas - The Beaches of Long Island

The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Boat Harbor Beach, Grays, Long Island, Bahamas

Boat Harbor beach, grays, long island, bahamas
Standing at boat ramp looking south at the reef protected southern beach
DIRECTIONS:  In Bowers, there will be a school on the right (heading north) or left (heading south) and two roads, one heading to the the Atlantic (east) the other to the Caribbean (west) side.  Take the one heading east, the one that actually has a sign post saying ‘Boat Harbour Road’!  The road on the western side will take you to Gray's Landing.  The road is paved for its entirety except for the last 100 yards or so.  There is a boat launching ramp which is used.  Do not park near it.  Best to park at least by the cabana.  If you want to access the middle or southern end of this part of Boat Harbor, there is a small parking area where the road makes a 90o turn to the left behind the dunes.  At the ramp, there are two sand beach roads, one that goes straight and the other goes to the left and follows the pond.  The one that goes along the pond is driveable.  On the pond road there is a left that continues following the pond and ends about 200' short of the northernmost end of Boat Harbour’s Atlantic beaches.  We have not scouted this section of road.  So best to scout it by foot first.  The road that goes 'straight' and ends up at the southernmost of the Atlantic side beaches is driveable.

We discovered this beach on our first trip in 2011.  The weather was a bit dreary so we didn’t really spend time to investigate.  During our early 2016 trip we did.  What a difference a sunny day makes.  Actually we had gotten there while two of our friends from Salt Pond were putting in their fishing boat.  They had forgotten to check the tide tables and needed a little extra muscle.  I muscled.  My wife worked up a sweat watching, and then took a swim.  I didn’t.

The southern beach that you first come to is very walkable.  We didn’t do any snorkeling as this was the week of 20-25 mph E to SE winds, that is, coming directly into the harbour.  Despite that, as you can see from the photos, there is hardly any chop in by the beach as this section is well protected by a reef.

As to the beaches north of the harbor (on the ‘other’ side of the trees behind the boat ramp in the picture of my wife), we finally made it to at least one of them, the most ‘southern’ of these Atlantic side beaches in 2017.  Walkable, yes.  Swimmable, not really.  It would be a very tough walk over the coral from this beach to the next.  Better to check out the road that runs along the pond.  Again, from google earthview, it appears that good snorkeling might be had at the northernmost beach.
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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