Overview of the Near South Beaches, Long Island, Bahamas - The Beaches of Long Island

The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Overview of the Near South Beaches, Long Island, Bahamas

Near South
Real beaches reappear!  And quite spectacularly, especially on the Atlantic side.  There are no small Atlantic beaches.  In many cases, I’ve artificially broken them into smaller sections.  You want one mile of sand all to yourself.  This is your section.

A few quick comments on the Near South Beaches:

Turnbull - small Caribbean side beach.  Was a 'go to' beach for us because of its sea side grave yard.  Huricane Sandy did extensive damage and Joaquin wiped out what was left.

Turtle Cove / Dean's Blue Hole - Two for the price of one!  There's more to Dean's Blue Hole than the hole.  And Turtle Cove is too often overlooked.  Southern end of it is very family friendly.

Bonnecort & Lowes (Compass Rose) - The little cove (Bonnecort) is a great family friendly beach.  Very well protected, makes for easy swimming.  And far safer than Dean's Blue Hole.  There's a beach north of this which has been reported to have nice snorkeling.  The Lowe's part, about 3/4 of a mile, continues south almost to Clarencetown.  The southern end more easily accessed from Clarencetown.

Clarencetown - There's a harbor side beach with not much to recommend it.  The Atlantic side beach should be accessed from the north, which would also allow access to the southern part of Lowes.  Nice walking beaches.

Galloway - Consists of a northern and southern section, both very scenic.  Southern of interest because the sluice from the abandoned salt works makes for a great water slide on the outgoing tide!

Lochabar Point - Due to it being extremely well protected, its a Caribbean style beach on the Atlantic side.  Great walking but bereft of treasure.  Large blue hole at southern end.
Lochabar - not to be confused with Lochabar Point.  About a mile of beach.  Haven't fully explored this one.
Dunmore - Directly in front of Dunmore town, lots of white walking sand.  Do visit the church and Mr. Wallace's straw works.
Shipwreck - Mid section of this extensive beach.  There is in fact a ship wrecked just off the beach.
Watermelon - Southern end of maybe two or more miles of near continuous sand.  Reef provides some protection and good snorkeling should be had in calm conditions.
Hard Bargain - Beach in front of the abandoned Diamond Crystal salt works very open and bit atypical of Carbbean side beaches as it gets deep rather quickly.  Huricanes Sandy and Joaquin appeared to have wiped out last car access.  Extensive saltinas make for good bone fishing.
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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