Newtons Cay Beach, Long Island, Bahamas - The Beaches of Long Island

The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Newtons Cay Beach, Long Island, Bahamas

Far North
DIRECTIONS:  Go north on the QH until you can’t go any further.  You’ve reached the literal end of the road and Newton Cay.

There is now a nice little park overlooking the water (below,, and hat tip to the local residents of this end of the island for doing such a fine job).  However, to get to the beach, one has to carefully cross this dilapidated bridge (left) that cars once used.  This is the narrowest point between the cay and the mainland, and the tidal current under the bridge is quite strong.
Park at Newton's Cay, Long Island, Bahamas
Newtons Cay beach, Long Island, Bahamas
It’s about 700' from the bridge to the entrance to the beach.  Follow the “road” up the hill and as you come down you’ll see the beach.  It’s best to enter as soon as you see it as the walking is much easier.  And why walk on a road when you can walk with sand between your toes?  Although the water is clear, the bottom leaves much to be desired.  The sand is of a soft mucky consis-tency and there are lots of small depressions (from some sea critter?) to step into which makes walking difficult.  At low tide one can easily walk in ankle to knee deep water to the two northern ocean openings (see below).

There are two ocean side beaches (not pictured here) about 450' north.  There may, or may not, be a trail going to them.  You sort of have to feel your way through the vegetation.  Recommended only for the adventuresome.

If you’ve gone to Columbus Monument, then you have to go at least to the park, if only for five minutes so you can say “I’ve gone all the way on the Queen’s Highway.”
Newtons Cays beach, Long Island, Bahamas
"The Beaches of Long Island"
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