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The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Roses Little Harbor and Beach, Roses, Long Island, Bahamas

Far South
DIRECTIONS:  From the north:  Read instructions for getting to Watermelon.  Continue south on QH and take next real road to the left (east).  Seriously.  The detailed instructions:  1.9 miles after the road to Watermelon, or the end of the only large pond on the left (east) side of the QH, you’ll come to a group of a dozen or so houses.  This is Roses.  Turn left (east).  About ½ mile the sandy road makes a gentle right bend with a house on either side.  It’s about another 2.3 miles to the ocean or harbour.  A little over a mile from these houses it appears that the road goes straight with a side road going off to the left.  GO LEFT.  If you go straight you’ll quickly discover that you  wish you hadn’t.  It appears from eathview that this road, which after 1.4 miles gets to the unnamed harbour south of Roses, has become more grown over than when we were there in 2011.  After you make the turn, it’s a speedy drive in a Mr. T car to the ocean or harbour. If you’re returning from the few remaining points south, turn right in Roses.

Our first introduction to Roses was back in 2011. When we told someone that we were planning on going there, they said to us “Just don’t pick up any bags you see on the beach.” Whether true or not, the harbour is known for illicit activities. And yes, we did see many a plastic bag, filled with sand, lying around the harbour’s beach.

There are two parts to Roses:  the ocean side and the actual harbor. The ocean side is typical jagged limestone (see photo). What we didn’t know at the time as our nautical chart did not indicate it and googlemaps earthview wasn’t available, is that there appears to be a 2100' ocean beach starting about 600' south of where we were parked (see photo). And from the ocean beach’s southern end, it’s either a 600' walk or swim to get to the northern beach inside the unnamed harbour. So if walking to either the ocean beach or continuing to this harbour beach, make sure to use good shoes. Some further info gleaned from earthview regarding this unnamed harbour. There appears to be two small blue holes in it. Given the large cay that protects it, this harbour should make for good snorkeling. As should Roses itself, if you can get past the rather gooey soft sand at the beach on the southern end. We happened to be there at low tide, walked around, waded out several yards in ankle deep water and what seemed like knee deep muck, and gave up. Which is a shame, because the water quickly deepens about 800' out from the beach (hey, it’s not a harbour for nothing) and snorkeling should get good. Would I visit Roses again? Yes, more out of curiosity as to what is south. And if I had a kayak, most definitely.
end of the road, Roses beach, Long Island, Bahamas
Atlantic Ocean, Roses, Long Island, Bahamas
Little Roses harbor, Roses, Long Island, Bahamas
Our tour guide pointing.
At what, not quite certain.
Note that 600' south there should
be a cay protected beach
The literal end
of the road at Roses.

High and dry
for this unlucky boat.
Beach at southern end
of Roses at low tide
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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