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The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Poseidon Beach and Reef, Long Island, Bahamas

Far North
Poseidon beach and reef, Long Island, Bahamas
DIRECTIONS:  Heading north:  You’ll go past Stella Maris and come to Burnt Ground.  Towards the end of Burnt Ground and before you get to Glenton, you’ll pass Pratts store on the right hand side.  Slow down.  The turn to Poseidon is in about 1000'.  The road will make a dog leg to the right.  There is a road to the left (the only road to the left in Burnt Ground) and almost immediately there is a road to the right.  This is the road to Poseidon.  In about 0.3 mile, there will be a sharp right angle bend and then after about 300' a sharp left angle bend.  Take this.  If you don’t and go ‘straight’ you’ll eventually get back to the QH.  After the sharp left hand turn, you’ll go straight for a mile and come to the beach.  You may park here or take the small road to the right which will put you about 1200' closer to the southern end of the beach.
If you like snorkeling, and if you don’t have a boat, you have to come to Poseidon. Although there is a beach, the sand doesn’t go to the water. You have to walk across the smooth rock ledges to get to it. However, those ledges hide lots of smaller sea life. And about 100' off shore there is a nice drop off (note the bright/dark blue line in the photo) of perhaps 30-50 feet where larger creatures swim! We were okay when there was one and even two barracuda circling us, however when we saw six, we figured it might be a good time to get to shallower water! This spot is well protected by the extensive off shore reef. As long as the winds are coming from off shore, you can enter either from the north or south and drift along the drop off with the wind and tide depending on which quarter it is coming from. Definitely a spot you’ll want to visit again and again.
Heading south:  After you pass the Anglican church in Glenton, in 0.6 miles, you’ll come to the dog leg bend above, now going left and the road to Poseidon.  Williams Garage will be on the left hand side just before the dog leg and the left turn onto the Poseidon Beach road.  Afer you make the left onto the beach road, proceed as above.

Note:  As you go out to Poseidon, there is a road to the left that goes to a small cove and then onto a larger sandy beach.  We took this once.  This is a trip for the truly adventuresome as the road quickly becomes more of a path hardly a car’s width wide.  If you can climb over large rocks, you might be able to get down into both the cove and the beach.  Again, recommended only for the truly adventuresome.
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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