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The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Indian Hole Point Beach, Long Island, Bahamas

Near North > Greater Salt Pond
Indian Hole point beach, Long Island, Bahamas
DIRECTIONS:  Going north out of Salt Pond:  You’ll see Thompson Bay on the left.  You’ll pass a lovely Anglican church on the bay side which provides for some great photographic opportunities and then come down off the ridge overlooking the bay to flat ground.  The first road to the left is the long road (2 miles ) that will take you to Indian Hole Point.   If you pass Thompson Bay Inn (closed in spring 2016) on the left you’ve gone 200 hundred yards too far.  If coming south, you’ll pass Club Washington in McKanns and after about 1.75 miles pass Thompson Bay Inn on the right.  In 200 yards make the right.   The road is sandy and for most of its distance quite wide as there are exclusive homes on either side of the point.   However, after the last property that is being developed, the road instantly narrows with brush coming into the road and your windows if open.  Continue to the very end where there is a reasonably large parking area.

There are no real beaches on the south side of the point.  The north part of Thompson Bay along the point is very shallow and very rocky.  Homes located on that side have had to scrape out rock to create a beach.  One thing to note though is that this side for whatever reason does collect a large amount of what I call ‘coral’ fragments (see photo).  There are places where it is several inches deep and goes for quite some distance.
coral fragments, Indian Hole beach, Long Island, Bahamas
The north side of the point has the nice sand, some of which you can get to and some which you can surreptitiously access.  Getting to the former requires some luck as there is no well marked path to it.  The last time we were out to the point, there was only a ribbon tied to a tree marking the rough entrance to it.  In fact, we have never been to it.  However, we have been to the beach in front of the homes on the point’s north side, under the guise of checking out one of the building lots.   If the sand on the ‘public’ beach is anything like the sand on the ‘private’ beaches, it may be well worth the trouble it takes to get to it.
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