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The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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Overview of the Near North beachs on Long Island, Bahamas

Near North
Here you have one of the great concentrations of beaches on the Island.  McKinnons to Eastern Harbor covers a little over 10 miles of near continuous beach.  Now some might argue, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, that the near north should include the next four miles to Boat Harbor.  But then there would really be nothing for the mid section of the Island.  You could probably spend a life time exploring each and every one of the Atlantic side beaches.  And yes, there are two Caribbean beaches.  But those Atlantic beaches!  Do I have a favorite?  Yes.  Maybe you’ll figure it out when you read the details.

A few quick comments on the Near North Beaches:

Whymms - Long Island's own Tropic of Cancer beach!  Peculiar to this very shallow beach is the variety of sponges that wash up on it.  Once past near shore stones, the bottom is very sandy and hard.  A northern and southern section separated by a small stream.  Very walkable.

McKinnons/Vindalls & Millers/French Harbor - Although having two separate road entrances, this is really one continuous complex.  Other than French Harbor, which is very well protected, these are open Atlantic beaches, not meant for swimming or snorkeling, but where one comes to stroll in search of anything or nothing.

McKanns - three roughly equal sections of 1300' sand, great for walking and southern section provides nice snorkeling.

Indian Hole Point - the only other Caribbean side beach worthy of mention in the Near North.  Very small.
North Salt Pond - 1.4 miles of near continuous beach.  Can only be accessed at its southern end.  Enough near shore ledges to make for nice snorkeling with off shore reef providing some protection.  Farmers' Market at entrance.  Plan a visit there on Saturdays.  Best access to Crystal Lake Beach from here.
Salt Pond - There are two beaches directly in front of Salt Pont - 'Crystal Lake' and 'Harding's'.  Hardings is easily accessible.  Southern ends of both have nice protected areas for swimming/snorkeling.
South Salt Pond - several sections here.  The 'Amphitheater' (referred to as the 'Glass Window' by the locals) provides dramatic vistas.  Beaches to the south make for great walking once you get down over the dunes.
Whelks/Wilks Cay - Southern terminus of the greater Salt Pond beaches, but far enough away to be considered by itself.  Two sections consisting of a protected reasonably family friendly beach with good swimming and snorkeling and a northern open Atlantic section.

Guana Cay - In our opinion, the best of Long Island's beaches.  Classic cresent shaped beach, but on the Atlantic side, with center section protected by the off shore cay.  Extensive ledges make for great snorkeling.  Can walk to the Cay at low tide, where you'll be greeted by small iquanas expecting to be fed.  Turtle sightings very common.
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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