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The Beaches of Long Island
The Beaches of Long Island
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North Salt Pond Beach, Long Island, Bahamas

Near North > Greater Salt Pond
southern entrance to North Salt Pond beach, Long Island, Bahamas
DIRECTIONS:  Getting to these beaches is easy. (Note:  Although I consider the Crystal Lake beach as a ‘Salt Pond’ beach, I’ve mentioned it here because of easier access).  Whether heading north or south on the QH, look for the Farmers’ Market as you leave Salt Pond (heading north) or just before you get to Salt Pond (heading south).  The market will be on the western (Caribbean) side of the road.  Turn onto the paved road opposite the Market and that’s it.  Well, it does turn to sand as you go over the ridge and go between Salt Pond itself on the left and Crystal Lake on the right.  If conditions are right, there may be a white ring around Salt Pond.  This is sea salt.  Do take time to collect some to bring back home.  Just make sure to label it before putting into your suitcase or carry on as it definitely will get inspected by US Customs and/or TSA.  Gee, a white crystalline material in a bag.  Nothing to see here.
A near continuous 1.4 miles of white sand!  How could one complain?  Well, the only public access is at the extreme south.  Other than the rocks a bit (does 2300' qualify as a bit?) north, there are really no natural divisions.  So if you want to walk the complete length of the beach, be prepared for a good hike.  There are enough near shore ledges to make for some nice snorkeling, and the off shore reefs should provide enough protection in calm to moderate conditions to make it easy.  At the extreme north, if you cross roughly 800' of vegetation, there is a 2200' double crescent beach.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no road access to this beach.  Haven't been there, so nothing to report.
"The Beaches of Long Island"
by Phillip 'Doc Fig' Figdore
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